The Atelier

About The Atelier

Tailoring and dressmaking in Sandringham, Auckland

The Atelier is Auckland’s finest fashion design studio offering superior dressmaking and tailoring services. It’s a one-stop-shop for all your custom-made and clothing alteration needs. Wearing an article of clothing designed or altered at The Atelier will leave you feeling feminine, beautiful and powerful. Tailored clothing alterations give you superb fitting clothing that looks and feels fantastic.

The easiest way to find the perfect special occasion outfit is to have it tailor-made. For made-to-measure designer evening wear and wedding outfits, a visit to The Atelier is a must. Asya Sadyrova is the fashion designer and dressmaker behind this stylish atelier. She started sewing at 14, went on to study clothing design at university and has been working with clothing and design ever since.

Her unique style combines the New Zealand preference for relaxed, comfortable and casual clothing with the perfectly-fitted, sophisticated elegance she brings from her home country. For all your dressmaking and tailor-made clothing, there is no finer place than The Atelier.